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Demand more from your vehicle’s performance with customized computer remapping from Spartans Tuning.

What is Remapping?

Most modern vehicles Domestic or European contain an ECU (Engine Control Unit) which is a small computer which effectively controls how the engine operates. Vehicle manufacturers de-tune the engine by setting the software on the ECU to default before sending the vehicle for sale to the public. This is done due to the manufacturers having to sell their cars all over the country and world, this means that the software settings on the ECU must take into account different climates, laws & restrictions and varying quality of fuels. Vehicle remapping is basically the modification of the manufactures default software on a vehicles ECU.

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What can we Remap?

Most modern vehicles, Domestic or Foreign, contain an ECU (Engine Control Unit). We are limitless with many options and solutions for our customers. We don’t just perform ECU remapping, we can clone them too. We can reset air bag modules, dashboard clone to original mileage, key fob programming for a majority of the vehicles as well as immobilizer removal.

For vehicles, we can perform emissions tuning, speed limiter removal and rev limiter removal, however these options are at your own risk as it can damage the engine if it’s not built for it.

Man doing car diagnostics
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How Does It Work?

A vehicle remap replaces the default software on the ECU, overwriting it with new software which can be programmed to optimize the car’s overall performance. This is known as a vehicle remapping because the ECU is essentially a small computer with a program that controls how the engine works. When your car is remapped, the tuned software is plugged into your car’s serial port or OBD port (this is for some vehicles, most vehicles are factory locked so we have to split the ECM) which then overwrites the engine map with the new version to enhance engine performance. The ability to flash directly through the OBD or Split the ECM has brought the tuning industry on leaps and bounds, with constant development on the engine now being much quicker via the flash process. It has enabled Spartans Tuning to develop some of the best software writing.

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What Is Chip Tuning?

Chip tuning is the original definition of what modern day ECU Remapping has become. Chip tuning requires the removal of the Eprom from the ECU and the software is programmed to the chip on the bench. The software inside the chip is what is referred to as remapping, i.e. altering the standard software within a chip. Since 1996, OBD remapping has taken its place, enabling remapping to be done via the OBD (on-board diagnostics) port. In most newer vehicles, the factory will lock the computers with higher end technology, so we have to split the ECM and program it that way. We work on all ages of ECU from the early EDC’s requiring chip tuning through to modern MEDC17 locked tricore processor ECU’s with tuner protection. Spartans Tuning Chipping ability can provide you with solutions of all stages and upgrades from a basic ECU Remap right up to full engine conversions but we don’t stop there, we remap and clone ECU’s, air bag modules, dashboards and immobilizers to keys.

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What Are The Effects Of Ecu Remapping?

Many people say that ECU remapping doesn’t affect fuel usage, however, this is not technically true. Because of the process involved in ECU remapping, more fuel is going to be consumed in order to produce the increase in power. If the car is driven in an enthusiastic way after the remap/reprogramming has been carried out, then the fuel economy will not increase (and in some cases may decrease). If, however, the driver modifies their driving style to make the most of the increased power and torque throughout the rev range then fuel economy can be increased. A good example of this could be that the improvement in torque produced by the engine after remapping means the driver no longer has to drop down a gear to maintain speed on an incline or may not have to change gear as frequently in traffic. All of these little things add up to an improvement in fuel economy.

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Why Choose Vehicle Remapping?

There are many reasons to choose vehicle remapping. Firstly, you will notice that your engine responds better when the accelerator is pressed. The overall torque and power will be noticeably increased. Power delivery will be smoother making for a much safer driving experience, which in turn also makes it easier and safer to overtake. During normal driving you will notice that your MPG is better which not only decreases the cost of fuel that you will have to pay, but it also minimizes your carbon footprint. Throttle response will be improved and the rev range will be enhanced.

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