The suspension in your car or truck is intended to provide an even, stable, and smooth ride. The suspension system in your vehicle takes a considerable amount of road abuse you experience in Missoula and as such many of the suspension system’s components will wear out if not even break as a result.

There are many symptoms of a faulty suspension system and knowing some of the common warning signs can save you from having expensive repair costs, not to mention keeping your family and you safe when driving in and around Missoula. Some of these warning signs may include a vehicle’s tendency to pull to one side when driving, wheels wiggling and wandering back and forth, bouncing after going over a bump, difficulty steering, wheel vibration.

Spartans Tuning is trained in the repair, service, and diagnosis of suspension problems at our repair shop. If you think you are having problems with your suspension bring your car or truck to our Missoula location and let us diagnose it for you.

Spartans Tuning does offer after market suspension and ride control systems for sports cars and trucks including lifts.